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My Meditation Recipe – What is Working For Me Now

July 10, 2016

I have a relationship with my meditation practice.

Sometimes I get along great with her. I crave my time with her. I look forward to sitting down and being with her, which is really being within myself. 

And sometimes I don’t. I don’t want to be around her and I kind of avoid her.

Truth be told, I have a slight need to defend myself here. But I’m not going to. I’m sharing my journey as a normal person and this normal person’s meditation practice ebbs & flows.

As of late, meditation and I have been in an ebb phase.

I’ve been here before and when this happens, I have to change a few things up in my practice. In the past, I would try to address my struggles with big, grandiose changes like mediating for 1 hour twice per day every day!

Spoiler alert – fail.

Huge lightening learning – small changes actually work.

So I’ve made a few small changes that have brought be back to flowing with my meditaiton practice.

I have stopped using my iPhone to time my sitting practice because I’d check the timer during my practice. I know use my oven timer & then sit in a different room. This allows me to get a little ‘lost’ in my practice, it’s still time bound but I feel more unleashed with out that d@*$ iPhone near me.

I set my sitting practice to be 15 minutes long. During this time, I have two breath awareness patterns that have been serving me well:

  1. Sama Vritti – commonly referred to as equal part breathing, this is a pranayama technique where all parts of the breath are the same in length. I actually do a variation here where I inhale for a count of 6, hold in for a count of 3, exhale for 6, hold out for 3. Traditionally you would have the same count all around.
  2. Focused Breathing – I inhale focusing on my backside and exhale focusing on my frontside. I actually try to feel the back of of my shoulder blades splay out and lift as the breath stretches out the back of my lungs. I then move the breath across my collar bones and exhale down the front of my body feeling my navel hug into my spine. Moving the breath in this circular pattern is a whole lot o’things  – maybe this will be my next post:)
  3. 10 minutes of pranayama –Nadi Shodhana or Kapalabhati Pranayama  or both.

The small changes have really worked for me these last couple of weeks. I was struggling with my practice and now I’m not so much.

I’ve mentioned the small things before and the more I journey, the more I covet them. The small things mean I can do this. And here’s the thing about small things – they feed the soul just as much as the big things.

Meditate & be well.

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