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April 28, 2017

Here are some interesting reads gathered from around the interwebz that strummed something in my body, mind or soul so I thought I would share.

Meditate & be well.

What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life? By Krista O’Reilly
Self honesty in the midst of external messages. I come back to this concept a lot because we are constantly bombarded with messages.

5 Hidden Blessings in Failure by Constantina Koutsoupia
Trying to learn and grow through all of our tribulations.

My journey with ambression (ambition + depression) by Samanee Mahbub
How we distract ourselves to numb our feelings – such an interesting piece.

The Art of Enough by Elizabeth Millard
Contentment, connection, presence.

Overwhelmed? 10 Ways to Feel Less Busy by Oliver Burkeman
There are some really blunt points in here and it was nice to read them succinctly explained. I recognize the ‘busyness epidemic’ and the expectations it sets in my surroundings and it is always nice to have the language to identify what you are observing.

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