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April 30, 2016

It’s the last day of April and to round out your month, here is a list of interesting reads on mindfulness & meditation from around the interwebz. Enjoy.

Meditate and be well.

The core skill of meditation is showing up
Release your expectations and keep coming back to your practice.

What Unconditional Self-Love Looks Like
Self-love is deep within. This piece gives a new perspective to loving your true nature.

The Unexpected Benefits of Anxiety
We often use meditation as an anxiety anecdote, but this piece gives a different perspective on anxiety.

Different Perspectives
The last quote really resonated with me.

Don’t Just Declutter, De-Own.
Interesting thoughts on shedding the ‘things’

We Are All We Have
We are all that we need.

12 Self-Awareness Exercises That Fuel Happiness and Success
Powerful message about how recognizing your motivations.


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